Ultra: The Quest for Zero-Legacy


Ultra is an all ESM React/Deno framework that is built for Suspense Server Side Rendering.
Write ESM, ship ESM, simplify your life.

The Quest for Zero-Legacy

esm paradise, endless opportunity

You awake... the year is {new Date().getFullYear()}...

ECMAScript modules have been standardised and supported in all relevant browsers...

The potential for elegant code, powerful experiences, and browser-native superpowers knows no bounds...

club-weilding bundling orcs

Yet, roaming hordes of club-weilding orcs continue the ancient practice of "bundling"...

A practice that dates back to the prehistoric times of Internet Explora.

Surely, this is some kind of sick joke? Do they not know about things like import maps and dynamic imports?

mythic beast of Bundle

(A wild bundling and transpilation beast appears)

"<CJS>>>:::require, req::... errr __i__mport e__sm not re_ady yet $$--expe$(rimental :::undefined::: bundle.cjs %%%type::type::type::<BUNDLE:bundle>"

What's it trying to say?

You can't help but feel bad, it's been force-fed a hellish mix of non-web standards its entire life from people much smarter than us on Hacker News.

esm archangel

Our mission:
Rely on web standards, utilise web APIs, write apps that work identically in the browser and on the runtime.

Do we bundle?
No, we use import maps and ESM from top to bottom.

Do we ship JS?
Yes, we love it. Browser is life, and javascript is good.

Can I use JSX and TypeScript?
If you want.