Ultra: The Quest for Zero-Legacy

Building for Deployment

Our build pipeline is powered internally by Mesozoic.

To run Ultra in production, we recommened using ultra/build.ts. It will do the following:

  • Create a .ultra dir inside of your project
  • Transpile your TypeScript and JSX to vanilla JS.
  • Vendor all of your dependencies
  • Version your source and public files
  • Auto generate 2 (two) production import maps (One for client/hydration, and the other for server)

Learn more about how to customise Mesozoic

A basic build.ts

import { createBuilder } from "ultra/build.ts";

// Pass in your entry points here
const builder = createBuilder({
  browserEntrypoint: import.meta.resolve("./client.tsx"),
  serverEntrypoint: import.meta.resolve("./server.tsx"),

// You can use globs to ignore certain files from the build pipeline

// This will return an array of build asset, if you wanted to use
// them for any reason...
const result = await builder.build();

Run this with deno run -A ./build.ts

Running production

You can cd into .ultra and run deno task start to see the production server running.

Production builds run with --no-remote 🔥